Thursday, 31 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day 9

Oh dear's only day 9!

I do have to consider the fact that before I even started my challenge, I had not been shopping for at least a week already. No wonder I'm dying! NEED. TO. BUY. NEW. STUFF.

Take a deep breath.....

Ok, I'm fine now(I think).

In other news, here is my outfit for today. Enjoy!

The Details:

Top//Bardot Australia
Shoes//Jeffery Campbell Lita
Necklace & Bangle//Lovisa

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Just a Little Bit Obsessed....

I have always had an insatiable appetite for new things. New clothes, shoes, furniture, hair colours, and also make up.

Make up is one of my favourite things in the whole world (I sound super girly now, hey) and with good reason! With just a few simple techniques, you can enhance your best features and minimise your not so great ones, bring colour to your face when it's not there, hide blemishes, etc, etc.

So with my new mission to not buy any new clothes, I had to find something else to buy right? Insert make up to fill the void.

Here is a snapshot of the make up I have bought recently......please don't judge me!

Make up organiser//IKEA
Foundation//Nars Sheer Glow in Light 4, Mecca Maxima
Primer//Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating, Mecca Maxima
Lipstick//BYS in Rasberry Kisses, Cosmetics Plus
             //BYS in Black Amethyst, Cosmetics Plus
             //BYS in Sparkle Baby, Cosmetics Plus
Lip Gloss//Essence XXXL Shine in Pink, Priceline
Eyeliner//Maybelline Master Precise Liquid in Black, Priceline
Blush//Nars in Orgasm

Don't I Look Sexy?

Hi All!

Due to the success of this blog, I have now decided to start a youtube channel as well!

I'll be posting vids about my favourite stuff, styling and fashion, beauty and other random sh*t.

Don't I look sexy in the video preview below? ;)

To subscribe to my youtube channel, search for Kirby Brooks. Also, I have Facebook and Instagram so make sure you follow me! and @thecandidchameleon (Instagram).

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day 8 (I'm getting weary!)

I went shopping today.

AND I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING! Other than a cheeseburger, which was freaking amazing by the way.

I felt pretty good in my preppy outfit today; it's amazing the clothes I never realised I owned!

The Details:

Necklace & Cuff//Colette Accessories
Shoes//Ruby Shoes
Bag//Hopscotch Store, Elizabeth Arcade

Monday, 28 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day 7

The tension and squabbling between my inner shop-a-holic and this project is beginning to die down, and I'm feeling ok about not being able to buy anything (at least for today). My wardrobe is starting to feel like a boutique, with so many unworn and forgotten pieces to choose from!

Today, I pulled out my favourite booties from winter (even though it's hot as balls, I don't care) and a long-forgotten tan belt which I used to wear all the time.

The Details:

Dress//Cotton On
Belt//Veronica Maine
Booties//Windsor Smith
Bracelets & Cuff//Aldo

I really love that the hardware on the belt is silver. It's a nice change to have tan with something other than gold (not to mention a little unexpected).

Project Wardrobe: Australia Day Long Weekend Edition

Due to a jam-packed long weekend, I unfortunately have had zero spare time (no thanks to this crazy tornado weather we have been experiencing here in Brisbane), so today I present to you.......

Project Wardrobe: Australia Day Long Weekend Edition!

So this post will include days 3-6........enjoy!

 Project Wardrobe: Day 3

Headed out for an afternoon of business meetings and a fashion event (all in the pouring rain, I might add!). I looked very much like I had been swimming fully-clothed afterwards, so it was lucky I took a picture before I left!

The Details:

Dress//Vintage, Camberwell Markets (Melbourne)
Shoes//Windsor Smith
Bag//Vera May

 Project Wardrobe: Day 4

AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE! It was all green and gold for me this Aussie Day!

The Details:


 Project Wardrobe: Day 5

Had an amazing day with some friends, celebrating Australia Day with a BBQ at my boyfriend's house. Despite the persistent wind and rain, everybody decided to go swimming, and in a classic move by a friend of mine I ended up in the pool fully-clothed.

The Details:


 Project Wardrobe: Day 6

Spent the day at home, but that's still no excuse to hang out in your pyjamas! For some reason, I can't concentrate unless I'm fully dressed, with my hair and make up done. So, that is what I must do! Besides, you never know what might happen in a day, so you must always be prepared.

The Details:

Shoes//Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day Two

In an unfortunate turn of events, I somehow managed to contract an evil sickness which kept me in bed all day yesterday, so today has defaulted to day two of my challenge.

My inner shopaholic is already showing signs of cardiac arrest (that must be why I was so sick yesterday....because I'm not allowed to buy anything!), but I'm actually pleasantly surprised at the items I already own! (Don't tell anyone, but I may or may not have gone crazy in Priceline this morning and bought some new makeup......shhhhhhh...)

Today's outfit details:

Boots//Ruby Shoes
Rings//Lovisa, Collete & My Grandma's Wedding Ring
Watch//Michael Kors

Going to a huge fashion event tomorrow night, so my next outfit will be a little bit spesh....stay tuned!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Project Wardrobe: Day One

Project Wardrobe: Day One.

I managed to use three items I never wear for my first outfit of the challenge!

Please excuse the crappy photo, the weather was horrible outside so I had nowhere else to get a good one.

Studded top//Bardot
Printed vest//Lolita
Leather shorts//Gift from a friend
Shoes//Windsor Smith

Not a bad start to my challenge, I should get through all my clothes in no time.....(cough). Just kidding, there are still hundreds of items to go!

See you tomorrow with another one!

In the meantime, head to my facebook page and click 'Like' for live updates on my challenge.

Thank you!

The Candid Chameleon takes on Project Wardrobe

During a seriously epic wardrobe clean up, it occurred to me that I have the most ridiculous amount of clothes which I never wear/have never worn.


With my perennial need for new stuff, my bank account is in a consistent state of empty sadness. Today, I came to the realisation that I have heaps of new stuff....these items of clothing have been sitting in my wardrobe calling to be worn or altered into something more endearing.

So today I pledge to all of you in the blogosphere, I will not buy anything new until I have worn every last item of clothing in my wardrobe (and believe me, this could take years with all the shit I've got).

I will document every outfit for your perusal and judgement. So without further ado.....

........let Project Wardrobe begin.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ahhh Sydney, If Only We Had More Time....

My PIS (partner in style) and I spent the weekend in Sydney and boy are we exhausted!

Although the weather was dreary, we managed to get out and about and get sh*t done.

Amongst scouting for a location to hold an event we are planning, I styled a photo shoot for a boutique in Glebe called #Crosssection, and Lucy met with an up-and-coming menswear designer who we will be collaborating with, as well as an Australian actress who will be wearing one of Lucy's beautiful designs on the red carpet!

So many amazing things are happening in the world of style <3

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Skater Chic...Styling For OBFive Skateboards

Skateboards like you've never seen them before! Whether you skate or not, it's easy to find a use for one of these stylish boards. As a seriously cool alternative to a painting, put one of these bad boys up on your wall instead (personally, I love the tie-dye!).

Styling this shoot with my partner in style, Lucy was crazy fun, even if we did get stupidly sunburnt.

These pics are behind the scenes shots I took during the shoot. Can't wait to see the 'real deal' pics!

Model//Zhoe Trotter, Viviens' Models
Photographer & MUA//Yaz Williams from Love Yaz
Skateboards//OBFive, From $139.95
Styling//You Are What You Wear,

The Higher The Socks, The Closer To Heaven

Who doesn't love a good pair of thigh high socks? Definitely an underestimated item of clothing, socks add interest to any outfit and in this case, complete it.

Do yourself and favour and give them a'll be closer to heaven in no time.

Dress//Bardot Australia
Socks//Forever 21
Shoes//Ruby Shoes